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MBFWA: Alter Ego for Talulah SS14/15

Ultimate nice guy, Craig Smith embraced the workability of Alter Ego for beach babe brand, Talulah‘s s SS14/15 collection.

Talulah designer Kelli Wharton’s fourth Fashion Week installment joined Craig Smith, supported by Alter Ego to encapsulate iconic poolside chic.


Entitled ‘Crystal Tropics’ Talulah Swim and Resort SS 14-15 is a collection of swim and laid back-luxe holiday separates. The prints are bold and palette symbiotic with the high tropics – fringing and crochet on cue. Respecting the collection’s bold nature, Craig pared hair back while ensuring a sensory story of its own. “There’s lots of things going on (in the collection), so to capture a relaxed, feminine, poolside elegance, we’ve taken quite a different approach to fashion week hair with a look that requires no tools and lots of finger work for a natural texture designed to move down the runway,” explains Alter Ego Hair Director, Craig Smith.


“It’s a soft approach requiring minimal product – the perfect accompaniment for this bight, busy collection.”

The look was, essentially; ‘I’ve just swanned out of the pool and tied my hair up with this piece of material I found in my Chanel handbag,’ an undone ‘bun’ positioned just right.

“The bun is pulled up quite high, just forward of the crown, secured with hat elastic and then folded back on itself to create a bulb shape, we then tied it off with some hessian,” said Craig, cool, calm and generally just cruising backstage, as he does.



“This technique allowed each style to be quite individual – everyone’s hair is different so we’ve embraced that.”

Furthering his desire to accentuate the girls’ natural texture was Craig’s choice to leave heated stylers and (most) tools at the doorstep. “Rather than completing blow drying the mousse in, we’ve mostly pressed it in with our hands. Most of these girls have this beautiful, raw texture, so if you start blow drying the product through, you’ll lose that natural look, the poolside vibe.”


1. Work Alter Ego Italy Hasty Too Voluxious Mousse through damp hair and blow dry, using a paddle brush to create natural texture and movement. Repeat this process to create a really solid texture that reduces the opportunity for the hair to separate.

2. With separated fingers, loosely draw the hair up onto the top of the head, forward of the crown and secure a ponytail with a long piece of hat elastic.

3. Take secured section and fold 2/3 of the hair in half to create a bulb shape top-knot and secure with another length of hat elastic.

4. Take the tail of the hair and work freehand to diffuse texture into the outside lengths.

5. Affix a length of hessian material, by folding a 15cm x 5cm length in half, folded in half and then cut on the crease and then pinning in place.

6. Finish by lightly spraying the hair with Alter Ego Hasty Too Spray-it-On Extra Hold Hairspray.

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