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MBFWA: ghd for Bec & Bridge SS14/15

Its quite simple isn’t it? Paring beautiful designs, with simplistic, voluminous hair, the talent and charisma of hair director Alan White and the technical prowess of ghd. It seems a match made in polished heaven, writes Bridie Larby.


“The Bec & Bridge girl is a nomad, she’s been travelling, she’s sophisticated, she’s not beachy, she’s not surfy chic. She travels, she’s lost her Bec & Bridge overtly sexual and sexy appearance, she’s matured a little bit,” said Alan.

“She’s still naturally gorgeous without it being glamorous. The hair has a lot of depth, a lot of movement, a slight bend. The sophisticated part of it is the amount of hair she’s got, the amount of volume she’s got. But it’s still natural. The ends are still just falling off naturally there not waved up and it’s not an obvious wave, it’s a natural style of movement. She’s just got gorgeous hair, she has gorgeous treatments, she looks after it but she doesn’t have to – she’s born that way,” he explained.


Alan White for ghd styling backstage for Bec & Bridge SS14

As the girls storm down the runway, there’s no holding back. The runway is long and you can take in the entirety of the pared back garments and hair. Everything is in the details. That Bec & Bridge sexiness remains. Yet you can see how the girls have grown up. Hems are a little longer. Cuts seem a little classier. The deep side parted hair is soft yet shines, creating an almost halo effect on these glamazons.

When queried if the label’s transition is similar to the girls own journey, Alan responded “This season, Bec & Bridge have upped the anti. They’ve always been great at capturing really good cuts and being able to make people look ultra sexy and ultra gorgeous and tight fits and short skirts – now there’s a lot more sophistication in it.”


The ghd hero product for this look also took forefront at the show, “The ghd Total Volume Foam is a great product because it leaves a modern texture on the hair. It’s a volumizing foam that doesn’t necessarily leave shine – it leaves more of a matte texture. You can imagine the type of texture you might get out of a salt spray, but it doesn’t have that grit or that drag or that crunchiness that salt spray can have. So you get more of a matte finish,” he explained.

1. Evenly comb through ghd total volume foam on towel dried hair, starting from the root and working down to the ends.
2. Create a deep side part using ghd tail comb and the arch of the eyebrow as a reference.
3. Blow-dry the hair using ghd air and ghd ceramic vented radial brush (size 3), directing it towards the roots to build volume and rolling the brush to create movement on the ends. Clip in each section, allowing it to cool.
4. Once each section has cooled, remove the pins and brush out the hair using the ghd oval dressing brush.
5. Once brushed out, finalise the look using the ghd final fix hairspray and ghd final shine spray for extra shine.

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