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MBFWA: ghd for Toni Maticevski

Understated elegance to complement and not detract from the master of Australian couture’s modernized take of the mid-century silhouette was Hair Director Jayne Wild’s brief for Toni Maticevski’s Fall15 collection, writes Cameron Pine.


Jayne Wild

This season the Maticevski woman layers herself in lines that shift and move with the body through tucks and pleats, with three-dimensional effects morphing into abstract silhouettes. Black, gold, white, augmented pastels and everything in between, the collection further pushed the Maticevski woman across multiple fashion directions.


Jayne created a customized ‘latex flower bun’ in the models hair, in black and white, the aim was paired down luxury that seemingly ‘floated’ above the garments.


“We wanted to keep it clean and minimalistic and really let the clothes do the talking. We pulled the lengths of hair up into a twisted bun and fastened just below the crown of the head before adding some edginess with two layers of coloured latex over the bun,” Jayne said.


“Because the garments are structured and full we wanted to minimalize the head, after-all it’s about the garments. This girl is clean but she wants to push the edges a little bit – clean but really shining up the hair. The bun is just below the crown so not really a top not. – 34 models and 34 pieces of latex – it’s minimalistic but it still has a personality,” Jayne said.


Toni describes the woman in his collection as ‘reflecting on memory’, who in a state of permanent flux, knows beauty is the only constant and while relatively minimal upholds a strong edge and attitude. “We wanted the hair to reflect technical moulding with artificial fibre against a natural beauty – the encased latex layers contorts against the finely polished hair,” Toni said.


How to:

1. Prep dry hair with a light mist of ghd heat protect spray and smooth in using a ghd natural bristle radial brush.
2. Apply a small amount of ghd total volume foam around the hairline and dry in using ghd aura professional hairdryer and a ghd natural bristle radial brush, directing towards the crown of the head.
3. Gather hair into a ponytail using a ghd oval dressing brush and secure just below the crown of the head using a hair elastic twist the ponytail, twirling it back into itself and secure with bobby pins.

4. Combine ghd total volume foam with a squirt of ghd smooth & finish serum and apply it to the hairline and blend into the rest of the hair using finger tips.
5. Using ghd aura professional hairdryer, directly dry the roots back.
6. Secure a latex piece on top of the twist and tie in with an elastic.
7. Finish with a final spray of ghd final fix hairspray to set the look.


See the behind the scenes video below:

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