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MBFWA: ghd for Toni Maticevski SS14/15

Complementing a somewhat sporty yet romantic collection, orchid inspired pink and orange accents played alongside opulent blacks and a classic yet luxurious hair aesthetic for Toni Maticevski’s SS14/15 collection.


“This year we are chanelling an expensive Parisian IT girl that is impeccably dressed and her hair beautifully soft and wearable,” said ghd hair director Jayne Wild.

“It had to be polished but also fall with a soft ness and wearability. It was all in the foundation of the initial blow dry,” Jayne said.


Once the perfect blow dry was achieved, Jayne and her team went back over it to ‘undo’ and ‘texturize’ the hair, to create an ‘effortless yet expensive look’.

Inspiration for the collection this season was based on the concept of an orchid as a woman. “I’ve encompassed a dominant monochrome beauty where textures are at play with frosted whites outlined with black and luscious opulent rich blacks,” said Toni.


“The collection maintains the sense of romance which I’ve built over the past decade although it pushes it towards a more sports-tailored reflection of the feminine silhouette,” he said.

Crystal mesh was worn with what looked like neoprene, but was in fact a fabric that was not only lighter, but also doesn’t crease – again Maticevski created new concepts in design and fabric.

1. Prep damp hair with ghd total volume foam and starting at the nape of the neck, using a ghd natural bristle radial brush blow dry in with ghd air.
2. Continue this method moving up the head, focusing on creating body and movement to the mid-lengths and ends.
3. Apply ghd root lift spray to the crown area to ensure extra volume through this section.
4. Using ghd eclipse starting at the nape of the neck, create large barrel curls in random sections of hair and pin to hold.
5. Use ghd oval dressing brush to brush out the hair and arrange a centre part, ensuring that it is not too deep back to the crown.
6. Gather sections of hair from the crown of the head and using ghd final fix hairspray and ghd eclipse give a tweak to the hair emphasising volume.
7. Finish with ghd final fix hairspray to set the look and ghd final shine spray for extra shine

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