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MBFWA: Goldwell for Karla Spetic SS14/15

Goldwell Hair Director Shane Henning created that ‘just shucked’ wet look in the hair, reminiscent of a pearl in its perfect purity for Karla Spetic Spring/Summer 14-15.

Karla Spetic hosted a poolside runway at a rather obscure Redfern location with models dressed in sheer silks, sneakers and perfectly practical silhouettes.

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Subtle oceanic prints, sheer lace work over crop tops and slightly over-sized suiting evoked a relaxed almost sporty feel for Karla’s collection. As a result the hair had to be neat but not too ‘done’.

Bringing the style of a London girl into the hair was key for Shane but not forgetting the fact that Karla wanted all elements of the show to reflect a pearl in its perfect purity.

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“She’s a city girl on her way home from work. She looks almost as if she’s been to the pool and just got out of the water. The look is sexy but without trying too hard. Un-done chic,” said Shane.

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Considering Karl’s collection was inspired by this ‘perfect pearl’ Shane and the Goldwell team opted for pastel pink and blue wefts in the hair – coloured with elumen. The back of the hair created a contrast in texture – tied into a chignon with a dryer feel through the ends.

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“The decision to opt for a wet-look also complemented the pool setting,” said Shane.


1. Dampen hair with a water spray.

2. Spray the nape area with Style Sign Hot Foam Spray, dry the hair directionally with medium heat at the nape area towards the crown with a carbon styling comb until smooth and polished.

3. Take a part to the left of the head and separate a triangle section at the front and clip away.

4. Place a coloured weft on the left side of the head about an inch above the ear and pull back into the rest of the hair.

5. With the remaining hair, spray with Hot Form Spray & pull back into a low, sleek pony-tail & tie off. Smooth over with Liquid Diamonds for a super shiny, wet look.

6. Run Liquid Diamonds through the ponytail and twist in a clockwise direction, keeping the coloured weft in a block piece, until the hair is tight and begins to twist on itself. Continue twisting toward the base of the ponytail until a bun is formed and secure with pins.

7. With the remaining hair at the front, spray with Hot Form Spray until the hair feels, almost saturated. Swing the hair over the forehead from left to right, visually placing and separating hair, so the end result is quite textured (but not messy). Tuck behind the ear and secure into twisted bun.

8. Finish look with Satin Guard for added shine and Magic Finish.

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