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MBFWA: Goldwell for Strateas Carlucci SS14/15

Luxurious fabrics, structured tailoring and utilitarian elements were accentuated by Goldwell hair director Kate McQuitty creating three graphic ponytail styles for the Starteas Carlucci SS14/15 show.

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Starteas Carlucci designs embody a classic sensibility but with references to underground sub-cultures and art movements – the cuts are sharp and the fabrics high-tech so the hair had to be equally as structured.

“We’ve taken our inspiration from structure, strength and power to make sure the hair looks really graphic. Three different structured ponytails provide a great structure to attach the hair,” Kate said.

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“The hero product for the hair look – elixir really makes it pop on certain section of the hair,” she said.

The concept of ‘fractured forms’ in Carlucci’s collection led to the exploration of stepped and disjointed garment and hard and soft textures. Goldwell wanted to ensure that the hair involved the same level of intricacy and polish as shown in their collection.

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There are three different sections we’ve attached the hair to. First we started prepping hair with glamour whip – then went through with sunshine and groomed everything in. We then used magic finish hair spray to finish off. It’s all about graphic ponies,” Kate said.

“Working with a product like StyleSign allows for an ability to create real structure in hair, so I was able to create clean, streamlined finishes that were polished yet still powerful,” she said.


1. Prepare by applying Goldwell StyleSign Glamour Whip thoughout, then directionally blowdried back, giving a little volume at the roots on the top with mid-lengths and ends kept smooth.
2. Hair is then sectioned off into three parts running vertically down the head. The middle part is then broken into three segments (leaving a small section along the crown free) and secured into ponytails.
3. Divide the side sections into two parts, pulling the lower part back into the middle ponytail and the upper section to the lower ponytail, creating the criss-cross finish. Be sure to keep the lines clean and defined for added impact.
4. Take the hair along the crown and smooth back, fixing into the top ponytail. Smooth Goldwell StyleSign Spun Shine over the section.
5. Tie bottom corners of the lower and middle ponytails around the elastics to created the wrapped hair finish.
6. Run Goldwell StyleSign Sleek Perfection through the ponytails and use flat irons to straighten.
7. Attach a matching coloured weft to the top ponytail and straighten down. Once fixed, cut the bottom of the weft blunt with electric clippers.
8. Spritz the hair with Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish for final grooming, then apply Goldwell Elixir to select panels of the hair to create a wet-look which can also act like a highlighter.

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