O&M hair director Janelle Chaplin crafted a look that hailed from ancient eastern Europe featuring dramatic shine and partings for the Serpent and the Swan SS14/15 collection show.


Inspired by a beautiful ancient metal plate that the designers discovered in Bolgaria, a mixed metal colour palette for Serpent and the Swan’s latest collection was born. Emulating a hard, helmet-like shape, Janelle was inspired by eastern European statues and textures, creating a glossy and structured style.


“The designers were very much inspired by the ancient eastern European vibe, so we wanted to create a really compacted helmet-looking style with very dramatic parting. We achieved the dramatic parting by using straight lines of a curved head to create extreme looking parts,” explained Janelle.


“We then compacted it down with our hero product of this season – O&M Style Guru, which is like a moisturising cream with a bit of hold. We love it because it dries really matte and is like giving the models a mini treatment while we style their hair. Right at the end we painted down the hair with an extreme lacquer using Frizzy Logic. We applied using a paint brush just before the models walked the runway,” she explained.

1. Prep dry hair with a light spray of O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler.
2. Section hair into specific straight-line partings on the curve to create an unusual geometric zigzag shape.
3. Apply generous amounts of O&M Style Guru Styling Cream, compacting each section down tight to the head shape.
4. Finish with a heaving painting of O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum.

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