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MBFWA: Prema for Phoenix Keating SS14/15

Dale Delaporte for Prema using TIGI created a strong Spanish feel with statement hair, reminiscent of the first female Matador.


Phoenix Keating’s latest collection titled La Diosa De Oro is the nickname of the first female bullfighter. Taking strong inspiration from Spanish culture and the traditional matador costume, Dale reflected this neo-spanish feel with a hair direction that played with hard surfaces, shine and contrast. Utilising a custom-made hairpiece models were given height and volume.

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“We wanted to represent Phoenix’s signature 50s silhouette and create a real buoffant feeling of contrast in the hair. Based on the first female matador the feeling had to be very Spanish – hard surface with a slight shine,” said Dale.


“Using root lift and blow-drying with heat volume we added salt spray to give it a great textural mould. We’ve been able to achieve the contrast of both a sleekness and buoffant,” he said.


The collection also evoked a very resort-couture feel so the hair had to be structured without being too serious. Off-setting gold edging to give a matador influence, models created a powerful cultural silhouette.


1. Take a section from ear to ear over the top of the head and clip out of the way

2. Take out the hair in the small of the nape and clip the top section out of the way.

3. Apply Catwalk Root Boost to the root of the back section and blow dry with plenty of volume in the roots. Backcomb this whole section

4. After drying through plenty of TIGI Catwalk Salt Spray to the middle section, blow dry with zero root lift and then gently brush this over the bottom section.

5. Tie off the bottom 2 inches with an elastic. Roll up around the backcombing and secure underneath with bobby pins.

6. Spray Catwalk Finishing Hairspray liberally, and dry with a diffuser to create a firm, and secure surface.

7. Take out a few smaller parts of the front section to get onto the face later. Part the front section down the centre and comb each side down to the ear – mould it to follow the shape of the head, finishing into the rest of the hair. Spray well with Finishing Hairspray to create similar surface texture to the rest.

8. Use Catwalk Wet Look to gel each of the small front sections onto the face, forehead and neck.

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