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MBFWA: Redken for Gail Sorronda SS14/15

Utterly passionate Redken hair director Jon Pulitano precisely and concisely takes his time to show his team exactly what he wants, writes Bridie Larby.

Gail Sorronda - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

Enter Gail Sorronda. Two such passionate individuals about their personal products and fields are hard to stumble upon. Controlled to the last wisp of hair and thread of clothing. This collaboration was bound to produce magic. And when the first models walked out the adhesiveness between these two became even more apparent. “Mermaids Exist As Above/So Below” is Gail Sorronda’s SS14/15 collection featuring a juxtaposition between all elements. From masculine to feminine. Ethereal to wearable.

To stop and ask Jon what he is creating is one breathless, dynamic portrayal of how invigorated he is about not only what he does, but the products he uses, “So it’s all about alien mermaids kind of morphing in to another world, with Gail its always fantasy, but were trying to make that fashion at the same time, creating an underwater texture, with a mermaid texture at the back,” explained Jon.

Gail Sorronda - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

“We’re taking the sides back really tight, creating a little bit of height towards the back of the head, a slight alien shape, but still keeping it beautiful. We’re doing that with Redken Rootful first which will just give us the grip and keep everything tight and stop it from slipping. Once we’ve done that we’re going to use Fashion Works 12 and keep the sides in really sleek. Back comb the top a little for some height, work around that beautiful alien shape with fashion Works 12 and then we’re just going to slightly plait the back with a few random pieces here and there just to get that mermaid texture mix amongst the straight hair. We’re going to finish with Argon 6 which is a serum but using it more as an oil to create a slight wet texture when it’s done. Then we’re going to finish our shape at the top with Redken 23. It’s a really strong hold hairspray so that will give it a bit of a plastic-y feel.”

Jon believes this look is easy to translate across to the clients in the salon, “It’s a wet look, taken back behind the ears, pretty tight, little bit of height on the top and a bit of a natural texture at the back – something a little bit cool and summery. It’s really slick at the sides. We’ve seen something a little bit similar in the Gucci Spring/Summer ad campaign, where the hair’s a bit high at the top, tighter at the back with a soft texture.”

Gail Sorronda - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2014

So which would be the Hair Director’s personal hero product? “Pillow Proof Primer: a new product, which you put in before your styling product and it just kills the drying time it helps you dry your hair in half the time – it’s amazing.”

Although she was the inspiration, there was nothing Ariel about this collection. The models steadily streamed down the runway adorned with coral, wisps of clothing, silks, shimmering fabrics and their hair glistening. The archival mermaids have returned. Sexual in the rawest form. These mermaids are sirens, luring you in. The hair consists of layers and layers of slicked back sides and falling straight down from behind the ears. Utilising argon oil the hair glistens as though these creatures had slowly risen from the water. Ready to take on the world. Leaving a glimmering sense of hope.

1. Prep the hair with Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer from roots to lengths then saturate the hair with Redken Rootful 06 root lifting spray. Blow-dry back and away from the face, keeping the sides sleek to the head.
2. Once hair is dry, create a triangle section from the temples to the crown and backcomb, working your way towards the front hairline. Brush the hair back away from the face and spray Redken Pillow Proof two day extender onto the backcombed area for style longevity and height.
3. Spray Redken fashion work 12 versatile working spray liberally on the sides and use a hair dryer to set the hair flat against the head. Once set, secure with a clip.
4. To create the water inspired wave at the back of the hair, randomly plait fine sections through the lengths, leaving the ends un-tied. Spray with Redken iron shape 11 finishing thermal spray and use your iron over the braids.
5. Un-do the braids and apply Redken smooth lock heat glide throughout the entire back area to separated piecey texture. Finish the look with Redken forceful 23 hairspray for shine and hold.

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