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MBFWA: Redken for Ginger & Smart SS14/15

Richard Kavanagh led a story of effortless elegance at the minimal unveiling of Ginger & Smart’s SS14/15 collection; Dualism.

Held offsite at Ginger and Smart HQ, despite a large and inviting warehouse-space, things got off to a tricky start for the Redken 5th Avenue NYC crew. No sooner had they set their stations and started the first blow dry, the power went out – for an hour – and any session stylist knows that one hour is the equivalent to many more backstage at MBFWA.


But nonetheless, Redken 5th Avenue NYC Hair Director, Richard Kavanagh stepped up with the same kind of effortless elegance set to define Ginger and Smart in SS14-15.

“We sat down with Genevieve and Alexandra (Ginger and Smart) at the test, looked at the collection and a whole combination of things – the girls (models), clothes, cuts, textures, and environment,” explained Richard of the Ginger and Smart brief.

“We’ve really set out to represent the Ginger and Smart girl with this feeling of effortless elegance – the clothes are beautiful, graphic, and the environment is minimal.”

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All elements gracefully reflected through Richard’s hair design – a low-flying pony, laden with Redken Shatterproof Shine Diamond Oil and framed by beautiful, free-flying pieces that although nomadic in nature, were each a strategic step of Kavanagh’s design.

“There is always a strategy in creating a sense of elegance,” he assures us.

The Ginger and Smart girl is undeniably elegant, but by no means does deny her edge – an idea of strength and fearlessness materializing in the form of a delicate, rose gold ear cuff.


“We’re purposefully catching a bit of hair in the ear cuff just to make it an added feature of the style. The thing is, when you do this simple, simple hair it needs to be executed strategically and beautifully with some form of added interest, however subtle it may seem,” says Richard.


1. Start by prepping the hair with Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine and Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer from mid-lengths to ends.

2. Next, create a centre part and apply Redken Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray around the hairline and parting and blow dry in for style memory. Blow dry the hair straight and smooth.

3. Pull the hair in at the nape, distributing the hair to create a loose ponytail and give height at the crown for a cool and easy finish.

4. Cover the hair tie with a piece of hair from the lengths and secure with Redken Forceful 23.

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