Showing great promise and practicality through deconstructed shirting and a ‘less is more’ approach, hair took 90s references with added jewellery embellishment with KEVIN.MURPHY and Edwards and Co Hair Director, Byron Turnbull, writes Cameron Pine.

Classic French cuff shirts and halter dresses that appeared more like jackets, Anna Quan’s Champignon collection was fittingly inspired by travels in Paris.

Cotton holiday stripes add flare to oversized shirting; cotton herringbone and silk crepe de chine were a collection staple. Luxurious basket weave summer-weight wool and cotton sateen were keen components of a collection as textural as it was simplistic.

“The Anna Quan girl is the girl who wants to be the IT girl – she is the IT girl – confident but understated,” said Hair Director Byron Turnbull.

“Anna wanted the brief to celebrate the chosen models’ individuality with cool cuts and natural texture. For girls with longer hair we celebrated the length and worked with a jewellery designer to add individuality to each look,” he said.

Based around three different hairstyles; the natural girl of a natural texture braid, for the girl with long hair more of a reference to the 90s –a braid with a wetter texture and the third look – medium length hair – put into a ponytail with a large piece of jewellery but with the pony tucked up – more like a tucked up braid.

“We wanted something structural but that floats down the runway without appearing like a huge amount of effort to achieve – reflecting the collection,” Byron said.

Using 75 per cent Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity and 25 per cent Hair Resort, the products were a key component to achieving the custom and lived in yet finished effect of each look. As a result, the Anna girl appeared striking but with a sense of natural flair on the catwalk.

Get the look:

1. Apply ANTI.GRAVITY to the roots and dry in.
2. Curl the hair with a medium size tong.
3. Section and back comb out a triangle of hair at the hairline.
4. Secure the top half of the hair away with an elastic.
5. Take the underneath right hand section and pull over the top of the elastic band and pull through to join the underneath section of hair on the left.
6. Do the same with the underneath left hand section.
7. Rope braid the pony tail and secure with an elastic.
8. Finish the look with hair jewellery.

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