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Meet The Man Behind Hanz de Fuko

Meet the internationally renowned Creative Director of Hanz de Fuko hair products, Daniel Alfonso, writes Ruth Cooper.


Hanz de Fuko Creative Director, Daniel Alfonso

Originally from San Francisco, Daniel started out cutting hair in his parents’ garage. As he gained a loyal following among his friends, Daniel realised he had a talent. After these humble beginnings, Daniel has become a leader in men’s grooming and one of the most sought after men’s hair stylists in the world.

After working at Baxter & Finley Barber Shop in Hollywood, California Daniel emerged as the premier ‘barber to the stars’, working with clients including Channing Tatum, Tom Brady, Jonah Hill and David Beckham. Daniel has now opened his own salon, Suite 1147 Hollywood, CA.


Daniel went on to establish men’s hair care brand Hanz de Fuko in 2009 with the aim of creating ‘original formulations for the one of a kind individual’. As the Creative Director of Hanz de Fuko, Daniel is very active on YouTube, providing a source of inspiration and education to viewers worldwide. His YouTube channel has over 5 million views, as fans tune in to watch Daniel demonstrate cuts, styles, and ways to use the Hanz de Fuko range, in his dynamic and energetic way.

Here is Daniel’s latest Youtube video featuring IMG model Joel Alexander called The Bearded Gentleman cut and style.

GET THE LOOK – Scissor cut on sides and back about 6 mm long which is equivalent to a 2 guard. Slight flare on the sides. .5 on the side burns blended. 0 Taper on the back. 6 inches on the top overlapping the sides. Styled with Hanz de Fuko’s Scheme Cream.

For more information about Hanz de Fuko contact the Da Mojo Agencies at or call 0408 522 547, or visit

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