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Meet the Two-Tone Hair Trend

We promise it’s not actual magic, but as these GIFs will show you, it is possible to create coloured hair that changes in an instant – and not only is it possible, thanks to Reddit, it’s now a bona fide trend.

The trend was shown off in vibrant colour when a Reddit user uploaded a GIF of her rapid change from deep blue to bright pink hair, all transformed with a simple reshuffle of her hair style. The deceptively simple look couldn’t be easier to create – it’s a seamless two-tone colour with two different hues on each side. To create the magical change, just style your clients with a deep side part and have them flip their hair around, therefore hiding the other tone underneath the second colour.


The trend can be mimicked from the former bold iteration, to a more natural incarnation – see another Reddit user demonstrate her change from brunette to blonde in a GIF uploaded to the site earlier in the year (which was then referred to in the media as the Top Deck Hair Trend).


Mesmerise these clients with these moving images and then it’s your turn to create magic yourself. We won’t judge you if you add the term ‘wizard’ to your résumé.

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