A new Aussie startup is shaking up the modeling and talent industry with a bold new vision, and there’s an ideal niche for hairdressers as well, writes Tam Allenby.

Taryn Williams

If you’re familiar with the Aussie fashion and modelling scene, you’ve probably heard the name Taryn Williams. A former model herself, she founded the leading talent agency WINK Models in 2007, which now boasts offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and a talent pool more than 500-deep.

With such success, it might be easy for her to rest on her laurels. But just like Uber and Airbnb disrupted the taxi and hotel industries, Taryn hopes to shake up the modelling and talent world with her new startup called THERIGHT.FIT.

THERIGHT.FIT can be described as a digital marketplace that connects models and other talent (i.e. actors, photographers, make-up artists and, most significantly, stylists) directly with clients, forgoing the need for a traditional bricks-and-mortar agency.

Described as where “Talent meet clients” and “Clients meet talent”, THERIGHT.FIT’s business model takes obvious inspiration from the rise of more intuitive and user-friendly apps and websites.

“Technology is no longer just an enabler, it is a creator of opportunities. And while the modelling/casting system has been around for decades, if not centuries, it’s time we pressed the disrupt button and created THERIGHT.FIT. An online platform that changes everything: faster, easier, more cost effective,” a brand statement reads.


Stylists can head to the user-friendly site and trawl through available jobs to see what editorial positions would make an ideal fit (hence the name), and then apply right on site. Stylists can also register and make an account (charged as a small monthly subscription fee), going into the database (if selected by the site) to be chosen and hired by potential clients. The interface provides the perfect space to network, find talent and search for roles.

This decision to shake up the agency world is somewhat surprising given Taryn’s decade-long investment in WINK – isn’t she pulling out the rug from underneath her own feet?

A recent Daily Telegraph article focusing on Generation ‘Why Not?’ profiled Taryn, and in it she addressed this question.

“People do ask, ‘Why are you doing that? You already have a profitable business. Why disrupt it?’ But I really believe you need to innovate or die, disrupt or be disrupted, so it is something I could see on the horizon, that if I didn’t do it, somebody else would.”

It doesn’t mean, however, that she is giving up on WINK. She also explained how she sees it continuing as a boutique agency – in analogous terms, sometimes you need a limo rather than an Uber.

The more flexible model offered by THERIGHT.FIT also has more potential for expansion into foreign markets; of particular focus is New York, Singapore and Bangkok.

Also separating the website from the traditional agency model is ease of use. A client posts the job, sets the budget and chooses from prospective talent while the platform manages the process of booking, details and payment.

The RIGHT.FIT also curates the talent; every profile is screened and only 40 per cent make the cut. The result is a high-quality spread of over 5,500 industry professionals to choose from.

It remains to be seen whether the new platform will shake-up the industry to the same extent as Uber or Airbnb, but with an innovative vision, intuitive design and an exciting young CEO in Taryn Williams at the helm, it certainly has all the tools necessary to do so.

For more information visit theright.fit