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Meet the Underlights Hair Trend

You’ve probably seen the scenario once or twice before – a client who wants crazy colour but is restricted by a more conservative job or lifestyle, or just isn’t sure they want to be so bright constantly. Luckily the internet has found a solution to this salon problem, through what else but a new hair colour trend?

Underlights-Hair-Colour-Trend (1)

Via @taylorrae_hair

Meet underlights, otherwise known as secret rainbow hair – which really should sum it up for you. The look is created by pinning the top layers of the hair and colouring the under-layers, allowing your clients to be conservative with their hair down and colourful with their hair up or pinned.


Via @abbyantony

You may have seen the genesis of this trend last year, when a Singaporean woman revealed her hidden hair colour (in this case oil slick hair was the trend of choice applied to her under-layers) in a video that quickly went viral.


Now the trend is taking off, utilising the myriad of rainbow hair trends in the public sphere, but adapting them so that they only show underneath the main layer of hair. The trend allows for the hair to be creatively styled to reveal hidden pops of colour – observe:


Via @my_lavish_looks

Now your clients have no excuse not to opt for a touch of colour.

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