Salon owner and hair industry figure Megan Panozzo is launching the next dynamic phase of her hair dynasty – In Awe Education!

Megan Panozzo

Megan’s passion for education has manifested over a nine-year career in hair education in her roles as a Guest Artist for Goldwell, Australian Ambassador for VARIS tools, a co-founder of the UNITY.Hair.Education collaboration and other international hair care brand representation. Now, she’s parlaying this talent and passion into this new endeavour.

“The launch of In Awe Education has been a dream of mine over the last couple of years. I want to create bespoke cut and colour salon education that is salon-focused and tailored to arming hairdressers with techniques that can carry them through their careers no matter what the current trend is,” Megan said. “Through In Awe Education, it’s my vision to equip salons and stylists, eventually all around Australia, with the ability to create trends rather than just following them.”

The first event in this new platform will be a Razor Cutting Class in Adelaide on Monday 2nd May 2022 from 10am to 4:30pm as run from In Awe Salon, where attendees can learn to razor cut and get paid for their skill and not their time. The cost for this all-day session is $370 and includes a mannequin head and lunch.

The session will teach Shag Cut and Colour with these razor skills, where students can learn how to intuitively enhance the shape and texture of clients’ new shag haircut and how to specialise in fast colouring techniques to speed up the salon process for both hairdressers and clients. The class will also teach shag to French bob cutting, including cutting, texturising and de-bulking skills using one tool, as well as two different specific cuts.

“I was inspired to launch with this class as razors were used to cut shags back in the day and it’s a skill that clients want to see us use more often. Why not step out of the crowd and show your clients that you take that extra initiative to learn something new for them?” Megan said.

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