In more unfortunate news for the Melbourne hair salon community, the extended Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne and subsequent roadmap out of the pandemic response means hair salons will be closed for awhile more.

In the current roadmap, announced by Victorian state Premier Dan Andrews on Sunday September 6, Stage 4 was extended a further two weeks from its original September 13 date to September 28, and will only end when cases are consistently and consecutively between 30 and 50 daily new cases. This will dictate the same applications to retail businesses and personal care, such as hair salons, that the state has had in Stage 4 lockdown for several weeks, ensuring they remain closed.

While this constitutes Step 1 of the roadmap to normalcy, Step 2 will also see hair salons and other retail services closed. This step will end on the latter of October 26 or when new daily cases are under 5 a day for two weeks, with hardly any unknown transmissions (under 5 total) for two weeks.

Moving to Step 3 after this threshold and date have both been met, hair salons will be allowed to open, along with other retail destinations. Other personal care services such as beauty treatments will only be permitted at the Last Step, which will be reached on November 23 and when there are 0 new cases state-wide for two weeks.

Regional Victorian salons have been open in the wider state’s Stage 3 lockdown and will remain as such.

Send love to your Melbourne colleagues and community who are doing it tough over this extended lockdown period, and Melbourne hairdressers, remember the national hair salon industry is thinking of you and supporting you every step of the way. Check out some innovative retail and education practices to make some salon lemonade out of these unfortunate lemons, and, most importantly, stay strong.

Check out the full roadmap here.