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Mineral Lifestyle Hair Spa

Environmentally minded and dedicated to the health, wellness and relaxation of their clients, Mineral Lifestyle Hair Spa is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of busy city life right in the middle of it. Located on Sydney’s iconic Oxford Street, the salon has different treatment zones for their various services, where they draw clients further and further away from the busyness of the city and further into a state of serenity.


A treatment room at the Mineral Lifestyle Hair Spa

The Aveda salon has taken inspiration from global wellness centres, with their zone treatment system inspired by methods used in Japan. The salon offers world class cut, colour and facials, as well as massages, tanning, waxing, manicures and pedicures, make up, scalp therapies and body treatments. In becoming a one stop shop for beauty services, the salon hopes that this will allow their clients to reduce their carbon footprint in their amount of transport.

The salon is built for comfort and relaxation, with pristine wooden floors, dim lighting and candles alighting the walls and cushy leather chairs at the sink for client comfort. Each room, with its own specific treatment purpose, is built for peace and solitude, disconnecting the client from the outside world in order to immerse them in the treatment completely.


The Mineral Lifestyle Hair Spa

Apart from their commitment to their clients, the salon is passionate about the environment. As well as Aveda, their use of products from Great Lengths and Vani-T are part of a pledge to only partner with brands that are ethical and eco conscious. They also use sustainable Re-foil and Easy Dry Towels for the shampoo beds, which are hygienic and biodegradable. The space was even designed in an eco-conscious fashion, with flooring by Karndean who specialise in eco minded manufacturing.


The salon hair shampooing station

With dozens of services on the menu in both hair and beauty, Mineral Lifestyle Hair Spa draws their clients away from the daily grind and into a space where wellness is a priority and the environment is key.

For more information visit or call (02) 9360 7311

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