Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has spent 2016 pushing the limits of how short she can cut her hair.

Despite exhaustive contract negotiations to work around (deals with big-name agencies such as IMG Models and Chic Management as well as iconic brands like Victoria’s Secret and David Jones, have ensured that ownership of her tresses has been somewhat divided over her career), Miranda has found ways to experiment with her hair in the past.

Her forays with deep brunette hues or even a stint with blonde made headlines, but it’s been her desire to go short this year that has caught particular attention. Chopping her locks to a lob in February, courtesy of hairdresser David Keogh, and cutting her hair even shorter to a blunt bob last year, the days of Miranda’s long locks are long over. Coincidentally your client’s propensity for a bob may be rising…

“I’ve been wanting to cut my hair now for at least a year,” Miranda shared with Harper’s Bazaar about the cut in February. “I’ve often fantasised about it but I haven’t been able to do it because of the contracts that I’ve had, but now I just got clearance from all the clients that I work with, so I was like, ‘Let’s just do it!'”

Your clients will have far fewer hurdles to jump to make this change, and just in case they’re in the mood for something different, we present 7 of Miranda’s best hair looks to inspire them.

1. In her classic rich brown hue, Miranda plays with glamorous asymmetrical waves and hidden braids.


2. Miranda’s dalliance with blonde in the late naughties is somehow hardly remembered, but proved a real statement on runways at the time.


3. The model does dark as well as light, opting for this classy dark hue shortly after being blonde.


4. Miranda plays with braids and lace in an uncharacteristically unorthodox style for the star.


5. Then again, a more conservative up style does the trick as well, which Miranda often showcases with her array of top knots and perfect ponytails.


6. Is there a better place to debut your new look than the Oscars? After a soft launch of her new lob on social media, Miranda stunned at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party with this newly short style.


7. Her brand-new (like, last week brand-new) iteration is an even shorter bob sure to motivate your clients to get the chop.

miranda-kerr-short-bob What are your thoughts on Miranda Kerr’s new hair look?