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Miss Franc Cosmetic Salon Profile

Miss Franc is a boutique cosmetic clinic in upmarket Sydney suburb Woollahra that specialises in non-surgical facial and skin treatments. Owner Francine Ithier is an expert cosmetic nurse who has practiced alongside some of Australia’s top plastic surgeons – but what sets her apart is an understated, less-is-more approach, writes Tam Allenby.

While many in the cosmetic industry may claim a similar philosophy, with Francine, the proof is in the people she consults – she’s got a five star rating on google reviews and some pretty complimentary testimonials – including five stars on Facebook. There’s no one size fits all approach and she’s obsessed with putting the individual art into her work – a perfectionist some would say.

“People will hear cosmetic physicians say this time and time again: that ‘less is best’ and that they like to enhance the ‘natural you’, but I don’t think many people practice the philosophy they preach,” Francine said.

Too often this can lead to over-the-top results that can leave the patient looking unnatural. To put it simply, she thinks that many injectors “go too far”.

“I think doing more injectables than what is needed to make that added bonus, is a really sad aspect of the industry among some physicians. We should be committed to keeping expectations realistic and always in the best interest of our patients,” she says.

This underlines a fundamental aspect of Francine’s approach to her craft; an innate understanding of how each treatment will work from person to person, each with unique and differing facial aesthetics.

“What concerns me is that some cosmetic injectors aren’t approaching facial aesthetics in a way that will best serve their patients. Yes, Kylie Jenner’s lips are in — but if you have naturally thin lips and you’re promised to walk out with lips as big as Kylie’s on the same day — you’re being misled and fed false hope,” she says.

In addition to this focus on the differing needs of each individual, Francine’s cosmetics philosophy is one that emphasises injections as just one part of a wider skin treatment and anti-ageing regime.

“I think some injectors miss the art of aesthetics and rejuvenation,” she says. “There definitely needs to be a holistic approach and commitment from the client to aging gracefully.”

“Yes, anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers play a role in this process, but there is a lot that can be done outside of this, such as a customised daily skincare routine, regular cosmeceutical facials, sun protection and diet.”

Francine Ithier

This means that Miss Franc also offers a range of skincare products to take home after an in-house treatment. Francine’s three favourite products are all from the Swiss skincare company Luzern — the Serum Absolut WE3, the Micro-Exfoliant, and the Hydra Enzyme Mask — and are available for purchase at her Woollahra clinic.

“A good client turned friend of mine once said to me ‘I trust and love your work because you get faces- you either have the eye for it or you don’t’.”

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