Two renowned industry stalwarts, Monique McMahon and Nathan Yip, partnered on a dynamic education event that had the industry back in the salon learning every facet of hair, from cuts, to style and business. The pair presented Opposites Attract at Monique’s Que Colour Salon, showing off ANTI Collective products and the power of the brand.

The education event took on a comfortable, intimate feel, as Nathan showed off a curly hair cut and style, with ANTI products at the forefront. As ambassadors for the brand (or “the Regal and Rebel” of ANTI, as they say), product knowledge, including the brand’s all new blonde shampoo, was front and centre.

Business knowledge and industry discussion was also paramount as Nathan worked on his look. Topics included gendered and genderless hair services and payment plans, collaboration in the modern industry and becoming comfortable selling retail, among so much more.

“The ANTI launch night was an incredible get together of industry faces, to celebrate a collective passion for creating luxurious, anti-establishment hair,” Monique said. “It feels like we’re entering a new era of hairstyling. ANTI feels like it’s at the forefront of the gender-neutral movement, championing clean ingredients, professional finishes and slick, luxurious product design.” 

“Opposites Attract is about what happens when opposing forces collaborate,” she continued. “When the Regal meets the Rebel, suddenly there’s beauty in everything. As ANTI is a clash of street versus luxury, we wanted to really play on that by bringing Nathan’s textured cuts and raw attitude together with my signature polished healthy hair, healthy colour approach. We’re both extremely passionate about the industry, and clean ethical products that have a purpose – and bring something new to the market. I cannot wait to get on stage with Nathan for ‘The Art of Now’ at Hair Festival in June. Sparks will fly.”

With an important guest list that included Piiq’s Richard Kavanagh, Pilaroo’s Clive Alright, the team from Stevie English, stylists Michael Brennan and Alphie Sadsad, Jess Gao from Hair by Jess, Access Hair, Philip Barwick and Alisha Mortensen, hairdressers sat around the salon learning, laughing and passing around hair products to play with. As it should be.

Until next time, at Hair Festival!

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