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Mr. Smith Brand Launch

Australian owned brand Mr. Smith is causing a stir in the industry, with a fashion forward aesthetic and high quality products adding to its aura of elegance. The bespoke hair products boast a luxury feel, aroma and effect, the result of world class ingredients and formulas which make the products healthy and natural.


Mr. Smith imagery

Equal parts scientific innovation and modern brand development, the brand has been constructed piece by piece to suit Australian and international salons, offering both a luxury shampoo and conditioner. The use of lime, cacao seed butter, wheat protein, mandarin, jasmine oils and rose geranium make the products a natural alternative that still garners results. The products are free from parabens, SLS and silicone, and are PETA approved and entirely devoid of animal testing. The enriching aroma and texture is created with moisturising proteins and fragrant oils.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Mr. Smith shampoo and conditioner

With an aesthetic that’s both minimalist and chic, the predominantly white product packaging has a clean, serene feel. The name is embossed with shiny, gold embellishing, making the product feel professional and expensive, whilst still being affordable to sell to clients.

A dynamic new brand on the market, the Australian made Mr. Smith has already caught international attention, built with innovative formulas, a chic aesthetic and a commitment to natural, high-quality products.

For more information visit or call (03) 9416 3040

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