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Muk Re-Launches With Colour

Evolving from its cheeky and seductive past, Muk held an intimate dinner in Melbourne with leading international distributors and staff to unveil the new Muk brand positioning and Hybrid Colour Crème, writes Cameron Pine.

“We are seeing the coming of age of Muk, a new Muk with a very exciting future,” said co-founder Mark Gariglio. “The brand will become something quite unique after tonight. We are no longer just a supplementary retail brand. We are going to become salons number one foremost primary brand.”


The Muk family

With a special thanks to a room full of staff and international partners from the UK, Poland, the USA, Taiwan, Brazil, Peru, Belguim and beyond for their continued efforts and year on year double digit growth for 10 years plus, it’s no wonder Muk’s latest offering is a result of five years research and development.

While it has served them well, the old catch-cries of ‘Kum Muk Me’, ‘Wanna Muk’ and ‘Let’s Muk’ sentiment of the brand’s birthplace, Mark says, are gone. “It was fun, but it’s gone and like any great journey we need to look forward before we look back. It’s important to change often and we need to be taken really seriously. It will still be sexy but it will be much more high-end,” Mark said.

From a product brand to a highly successful salon partner, guests witnessed the long-awaited first view of the imagery and product for the new Muk Hybrid Colour Crème.

“It’s not what we do, it’s what you guys do – you are the face of the brand, you are the brand,” Mark said.

This new colour photoshoot imagery is the first of the brand’s coming of age, still close to the original brand identity of Muk – sexy, naughty but with a level of sophistication that identifies Muk has ‘grown up’.


The Australian Muk Team

Held at the iconic GPO at Alto in Melbourne’s CBD – guests were treated to a three course meal and drinks beneath the Melbourne lights – a momentous occasion for the first global gathering of the brand and what appears will be the start of many more. The night was heartfelt yet comedic, with a look back on the earlier moments of the brand, crazy hairstyles, embarrassing style choices and everything in between, each of the staff were celebrated for their contribution through a list of awards and achievements. Hitting factories in China, facing controversy with campaign imagery and every single challenge you can possibly face when starting from scratch, Muk’s approach is a humble one. Each element of the tireless hard work Janelle, Scott and Mark put into the brand, it was a great way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the products the industry loves so much.

With the anticipation of a big reveal in the air the entire night, Muk took guests on a journey from brand idea to inception, with co-founder Scott Reynolds telling a heartfelt story from failure to fast-track success and everything in between. The important element to remember that while in the early days they learnt as they went, including the pre-Muk days of Mark and Janelle Reynolds on the road selling ghd irons in 2004 when the product first launched in Australia. This dynamic duo faced a huge setback when ghd decided to take the VIC distribution back in house. A situation that eventually led to the success of the Muk brand we all see today.


Frederik Malloy, Mark Gariglio and Clive Allwright

After many meetings with Lawyers, Scott – an accountant from country Victoria, then became the sole director of a company while Janelle and Mark worked behind the scenes to launch a straightening iron (which was initially fraught with disaster) but soon which helped create connections and the brand evolve to what they did well from the very get go – styling.

Starting with just six key products and heading to Bologna 2008 after two years of persistence with electricals and setbacks, Muk became a finalist in the AHFAs Best New Product – the start of a string of awards for the brand. “An amazing achievement for a brand just over 12 months old especially alongside many other multi-national brands,” Scott said.

“It was a lot of hard work for the three of us doing everything. I wish I had a dollar for every time Mark said, ‘I bet Richard Branson wouldn’t be doing this’,” Scott said.

‘To this day we still live by this mantra that you just do what you need to do to get where you need to be,” Scott said. Testament to a brand that is flexible, bespoke and quick to move and meet the demands of salons, staff and distributors.

Announcing two leading industry experts on board with the brand, renowned Colourist Lia Mei as the new Global Artistic Colour Director and the highly successful Clive Allwright as Global Artistic Director, the future is looking significant. Both Clive and Lia’s input will continue to leverage the brand to greater success. With Lia’s global colour experience heralding freehand colour and a new Muk bleach she’s obsessed with being able to use for both foils and freehand work, Muk is in good hands.


Mark Gariglio, Brad Vincent, Scott Reynolds and Janelle Reynolds

“Muk haircare is excited and honoured to engage Clive Allwright as Global Artistic Director after 16 years of friendship.”

“Two years ago our paths crossed and we discovered Clive was looking to partner with a company where he could work directly with the owners and be part of a family and so when we created our campaign shoot, he was the first person we approached,” Mark, Scott and Janelle said.

“Not only will he create our campaigns, he will also be available to our Diamond Salons with customized in-salon cutting workshops. We can’t wait to get started,” they said.

Also recognizing their stand-out staff on the night, Muk delivered six awards for the most significant achievements.

Excellence in Service Award – Michelle Thomas (Head Office)
Beyond the Call Award – Brad Vincent
Most Improved Sales Executive – Brechan Adams, VIC
Most New Accounts Award – Wayne Mcavaney, SA
Highest Territory Growth – Warren Rabel, VIC
Rep of the Year – Wayne McAvaney, SA

We can’t wait for Muk to add some more colour to our industry!

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