We’re partial to anything associated with the word bloom – spring, flowers, Orlando, and now the new editorial offering from Showpony Professional. Titled ‘My Hair’s In Full Bloom’, the 2016 campaign pays homage to nature and this particularly floral season. The seasonal metaphor of rebirth becomes particularly relevant when connected to the idea of the rebirth of the hair extension industry in recent times.


“Our ‘My Hair’s In Full Bloom’ campaign is a tribute to beautiful big hair and new beginnings, which is why spring is the perfect time to launch,” Showpony Director Stephanie Mason shared. “Being a woman is all about being elegant, yet stylish, cool yet undone. I wanted to combine nature and beauty in the hair to show that beautiful enhanced hair can still look natural.”


As such, the diverse looks range from elegant evening styles to playful beach images and more – the noticeable versatility another important facet of the hair extensions industry and Showpony Professional hair extensions in particular.

Showpony Ambassador Caterina Di Biase took control behind the chair, while legendary photographer Andrew O’Toole lensed the shoot. Kylie O’Toole created fresh makeup looks with a vivid colour palette, while Caterina and her team utilised their experience with long hair work to ensure the styles came to life. As well as texture and style, colour was a big focus of the campaign.


“Throughout the campaign we have focused on Bronde tones; our latest seasonal product focus,” Stephanie said. “Bronde is created when brown and blonde tones are mixed together. It has been a key look within hair trends for quite a while now and only recently emerged as a colour name.”

The four looks are comprised an elegant fringed style, ultimate Bronde look with playful colour pops, a relaxed bohemian aesthetic and a voluminous Brigitte Bardot-inspired bombshell look.


“Showpony has always loved naturally mixed tones and when this colour launched it was just the perfect fit for our next colour collection,” Stephanie continued. “Hair Extensions are not just about volume and length, they allow consumers to achieve non-committal colour and embrace seasonal trends.”

We’ve never seen the hair extension industry encapsulated quite so stylishly. Who knew hair extensions and spring had so much in common?

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