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National Wella Professionals TrendVision 2016 Winners Announced

500 attendees, 40 finalists but only 4 winners – it sounds like a hyper-competitive reality show, and it certainly emulates the passion, competition and pure hunger to win often presented in that medium.

Undoubtedly, the stakes were high in the 2016 national Wella Professionals TrendVision awards, with the winners being handed an air ticket to Barcelona to compete in the international show in November. Gathered at Melbourne Pavilion on Sunday night, the brand named both Australian and New Zealand winners in its two main categories – Creative Vision and Color Vision.


Image by Courtney Treyvaud

And we know that’s what you’re all hear to discover, so without further ado… The winners in the Creative Vision Gold Award were Courtney Treyvaud of Biba Academy (Australia) and Jamiee Smith of Zaibatsu Hair Art (New Zealand). Additionally, the winners in the Color Vision Gold Award were named as Wren Patsellis of Head Office Hair & Body (Australia) and Mana Dave of Blaze (New Zealand). These winners will have an important mentoring session with two-time International Trend Vision winner Lyndal Salmon of Biba Academy, before jetting off to Spain.


Jamiee Smith and model

“This is a truly life changing opportunity for Australian and New Zealand hairdressers,” shared Wella Professionals’ Education Leader Australia & New Zealand, Gina Thomas. “TrendVision is their platform to get their work recognised on a national level. It also gives them the opportunity to work with an incredible talent, Lyndal Salmon, to prepare for the International Award in Barcelona.”


Wren Patsellis and model

The evening delivered more inspiring presentations, awarding winners in other categories, as well as silver and bronze medalists (see below), and exhibiting high-powered shows by two major industry names.


Mana Dave and model

Current Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year and the brand’s Creative Director Frank Apostolopoulos presented the opulent BIBA by Frank, show, imbued with exaggerated shapes and palpable textures, all centered on the skill of hairdressing.


Courtney Treyvaud and model

Then, Wella Professionals’ Creative Director of Colour Marie Uva showcased Audacious, a modern interpretation of English musician George Michael’s ‘Too Funky’ video – collaborating with UVA salon and Joey Scandizzo salon to resurrect the 90s on stage.


Image by Mana Dave

With so much talent in the room, you can’t help but feel good about our national chances in Spain.

Congratulations to the winners and medalists listed above and below.

  • SILVER Creative Vision: Scott Condon, Rokk Ebony South Melbourne (AU) and Chinney Yeap, Buoy Salon & Spa (NZ)
  • SILVER Colour Vision: Caitlin Faulks, Xiang Hair (AU) and Brad Lepper, French Revolver Studio (NZ)
  • BRONZE Creative Vision: Dimitri Kyvetos, Joey Scandizzo Salon (AU) and Jordin Bayne, Zaibatsu Hair Art (NZ)
  • BRONZE Colour Vision: Aelwen Whitaker, Biba Academy (AU) and Koren Panirau, Zaibatsu Hair Art (NZ)
  • Australia Apprentice Winner: Caitlin Faulks, Xiang Hair
  • New Zealand Apprentice Winner: Kelly Manu, Blaze Newmarket
  • Australia Salon Winner: Biba Academy
  • New Zealand Salon Winner: Zaibatsu Hair Art

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