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New Trend: Sand Art Hair

The wonders of the internet have unveiled the latest creative trend in hair colour, with ‘Sand Art Hair’, named for those colourful jars of sand we’ve all owned and loved at some time or another, sweeping Instagram and beyond.  e2e6ce3f052eafeee7e7b8a7baa5673f

Coined by stylist Rebecca Taylor in a video collaboration with hair colour brand Pravana, the trend stems from the rainbow hair trend, but with blended ombre colours that see the hues mix seamlessly together. The video shows off the brand’s newly launching line of VIVIDS Locked-In Colors.


@pravana on Instagram

While consumers are going insta-crazy over this vibrant new look, you may have to gently pry the paint brush from their fingertips. This bold trend requires a substantial degree of difficulty – that’s where you come in. Maintenance and hair condition will also be elements of consideration that require your expertise.


There are so many reasons to master this trend – to satisfy your tech-savvy, adventurous clients, to add to your editorial wheelhouse or to join the #sandarthair craze that’s totally trending right now.

Watch Rebecca walk through the trend below, and see if you can join the craze.

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