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Noir Collection

Laura Macleod, Owner and Director of The Ruby Room hair salon, has created a timeless collection built on boudoir fashion. Black and white photography and the use of photographic light and shade create a sophisticated call back to bygone times.

While the overall look maintains these retro ideals, the hair styling travels through time. A sleek long dark hair look with pointed fringe recalls the 60s, whilst a gelled back wet look in a pixie cut is reminiscent of Liza Minelli in Cabaret and an innovative top-heavy bob also take images from the first half of last century. A chic mullet takes the styling through the 80s, where a contemporary bob and complex braided look modernise the styling completely.

Strong cat eyes with dark eyeliner unify the collection โ€“ recalling Cleopatra, a timeless figure of female strength and allure.


Hair and Styling by Laura MacLeod
Photography by Glen Krohn
Styling by Ashleigh Kelly
Make Up by Jade Milner

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