Creative colourist Jodie Yakalis has been announced as Nouvelle Hair and Beauty Supplies’ (N.H.B.S) very first Australian and New Zealand Ambassador, through which she will represent colour brands Silky, Nouvelle, Lively and treatment brand JunctioX. The professional brands all step from manufacturers Hair Styling Application (HSA) Spa of Milan, a high-profile research and development company that has been involved in the hair industry for three decades.


Jodie brings her own impressive level of experience to the team, having worked with such industry leaders as Sharon Maher of Synergy, John Azzi, Tanya Mancini of FMK Artistries and Paulene Turnbull of Industry Cutters. She has since paved her own way through the industry with guest artist appearances at shows and events and a significant social media following.

“All products are ‘salon only’, they are high quality, and provide cost effectiveness for salons,” Jodie said in sharing her enthusiasm for the company. “I really value the fact that the team at N.H.B.S give a level of customer service that is second to none. Their commitment to continually introduce current technology to the marketplace is also really important to me as a colourist and as someone who needs clients’ hair to be in the very best condition possible.”

It was also the brands’ portfolio of high-quality products that pushed her into becoming an ambassador for the company. “These European products are made with the same high level of care and expertise as any other handcrafted Italian product you can think of, whether it be leather shoes or designer fashion,” Jodie said.

It seems the enthusiasm about the new partnership is mutual, with the company lauding Jodie’s creative spirit. “Jodie is an out-of-the-box artist with an endless passion for colour. She has a never-ending stream of ideas, some of them really quirky,” said Petra Kostopoulos, Operations Manager of N.H.B.S. “She has established a ‘fan base’ through Periscope, Facebook and other social media platforms, and is bound to attract aspiring colourists Australia wide, as well as the curious to her demonstrations and workshops.”

Jodie will take part in a new education agenda that is yet to be announced, and will hit the Hair Expo stage with HSA’s International Artistic Director, Claudio Lapenna, in June.

With the promise of new innovations and inspiration, it’s looking to be a must-see.

Watch Jodie introduce the new partnership in the video below.

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