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NYFW: Evo for TOME

This year’s New York Fashion Week is in full swing, writes Natacha Maloon. The biannual event has arrived, which means top designers as well as big celebrity names like Victoria Beckham, Kylie Jenner, and Lauren Conrad have graced the front row of NYFW, with their presence as well as their designs.


A yearly Fashion Week highlight comes courtesy of runway-regulars TOME. For their Spring Summer 2016 collection, TOME blended together a perfectly familiar, yet precious and fragile range, paying homage to Australia’s leading contemporary artist, Fiona hall. TOME drew inspiration from the kind of precision and attention to detail that Fiona typically brings to her sculptures.


Kenna styling for evo

Once again evo were TOME’s hair partners of choice, creating a look that mimicked the designs in their sculptural nature, with an exaggerated slicked back wet look.


The purity of the hair that was fashioned by hair director Kenna allowed space for a few imperfections. The look emphasized the natural flawlessness of the TOME girl, inspired by the rawness of the hair when it’s fresh out of the shower. The beauty look was fresh faced and clean, complemented by lightly pulling the hair back with an ‘over the top’ wet texture.


Get The Look:


1. Mist hair with day of grace.
2. Dry the hair back behind the ears with Bradford creating a natural scruffy texture for the length.
3. Begin at the nape, section the hair 1 inch (3cm) and apply gangster grip to roots with your fingertips. Flattening the hair to the scalp throughout application.
4. Continue sections up the head flattening the hair using gangster grip and Truman.

5. In front of the ears take diagonal forward sections, and continue to the hairline with gangster grip. Use Roy to add a ribbed effect.
6. Holding the hair tight on the sides use a hairdryer with a directional nozzle to dry the gangster grip into place.
7. Spritz a little shebang-a-bang into the back of the hair to bridge the gap between the wet roots and dry ends for a beautiful subtle contrast.

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