UNITE took to the New York Fashion Week stage this year, parading their SS16 Collection in three very different shows. Under the leadership of hair director, Kevin Ryan, a series of shows proved UNITE’s session styling prowess – and paved the way for three distinct salon styles, writes Natacha Maloon.

In the hands of Hair Director Kevin Ryan, models hair was tightly pulled back into a loose, messy bun for Simon Miller. It was organized chaos, which was intended to create the image of an effortlessly stunning workwoman, one who’s pressed for time to style her hair. Kevin described the inspiration behind this look as a, “girl who’s structured in a messy, organic way”.

Model on Catwalk
UNITE for Simon Miller

Get The Look:

1. Start with dry hair, and spray the hair heavily with UNITE BOOSTA Spray to create a rough base.
2. Next, blow dry and straighten with UNITE Pro-Systems Flat Iron and sprinkle UNITE EXPANDA Dust throughout roots for lift and texture.
3. Part the hair in the centre, and use fingers to create an easy, carefree ponytail at the nape of the neck.
4. Pull hair through elastic, twisting the excess at the base to leave in the air. Use UNITE Pro-Systems Flat Iron to hold the excess ponytail upright
5. Finish with UNITE GO365 Hairspray.

RHIÉ teamed up with UNITE for a show that offered up a look that was simple and classic. From the catwalk straight to the doors of your salon, this style is “a clean look with a little bit of interest in the front” according to Kevin Ryan. Clients will jump at an opportunity to wear their hair presentably, but with a touch of intrigue, blurring the lines between high fashion and commercial.


Get the Look:

1. On damp hair, spray UNITE Boosta Spray on to roots.
2. Blast hair with a hairdryer until completely dry, creating a middle part and flat ironing the hair.
3. To finish the hair brush it behind the ears and straight down the back and weave a few strands out on either side towards the hairline.
4. Give a light mist of UNITE GO365 Hairspray and let hair hang over the face

Jenny Packham came out in full force in a third runway show for UNITE, who styled a look ideal for the renaissance woman, who is striking, makes a statement and carries with her an unparalleled edge. This is reflected in hair that carries volume near the top, but straightens towards the bottom.

UNITE for Jenny Packham

“This girl is rock ‘n roll all over-her hair is texturized and lived in, like every night is the best night of her life. It’s a nod to Patti Smith but without any retro sentiment” said Kevin.

UNITE for Jenny Packham

Get The Look:

1. Start with dry hair, and spray the hair lightly with UNITE Beach Day to create a rough base.
2. Next, spray UNITE Texturiza and UNITE Tricky Lite from root to ends to add texture and grip.
3. Rough up the hair but making sure to pull it down so that it is straight with volume at the top.
4. Part the hair in the centre, and go into the roots at the crown of the head with the UNITE Pro- Systems Flat Iron to give lift to the roots, creating a sexy, carefree bump.
5. To finish the look, lightly backcomb the roots on the crown if extra lift is needed, then loosely pull the front of the hair back behind the ears.

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