Yes, down here in the Sothern Hemisphere we’re sitting inside shielding ourselves from the cold rather than frolicking on the beach, but we can still bring a hint of summer into the salon and onto the street while our northern counterparts embrace the warmer weather.

The latest viral colour trend is #OceanHair, centred on multi-dimensional blue tones for clients that love rainbow hair – in fact, think of it as Mermaid Hair’s aesthetic (and geographical) neighbour. The trend has been hashtagged just under 12,000 times on Instagram, and is starting to gain major media coverage, with features on Bustle and Allure – so, start colouring, snapping, hashtagging and spreading throughout Instagram!

Key techniques in the look include the use of various tones of blue (cobalt, turquoise, teal and more), alongside grey, black and green when necessary to create dimension, while ombré techniques are a great way to achieve the complex look. The aim is to not just mimic the colour of the ocean, but also its movement and depth.

Grabbing some texturizer and seal salt spray makes beach hair simple enough to achieve, it’s this complicated and lengthy colour process to go full Ocean that will have you trending online though – pick a willing client and throw your (all-blue) hat into the ring. Anything that can trick us into thinking its summer.