Rokk Ebony is back with their latest editorial offering, this time in the form of the daring Off The Wall collection.

The collection is comprised of contrasts, primarily in its dishevelled hair styling – most notably in the trendy Shag hairstyle the team plays with – set against glamorous street fashion, such as the use of leather and embellished denim. The team’s varied inspiration came in the form of Stevie Nicks circa the 1970s, Brutalist architecture and underground Berlin.

The styles explore texture on shape, as well as rich, sophisticated colours choices. Looks include blunt, textured cuts, shattered bowl shapes, disconnected lengths and deep point cutting, while the colour looks incorporate smudged out roots, shadowing, silver tones, navy blue hues and trendy ice blonde shades.

With innate attention to detail and unique aesthetic motivation, this collection was bound to be something technically and creatively different. And it delivered.

See the full collection below:


Collection: Off the Wall
Hair By: Rokk Ebony Creative Team
Salon: Rokk Ebony
Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird
Stylist: Melissa Nixon
Make Up: Sarah Baxter

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