Mental, physical and emotional wellness is paramount always, but we deserve that much more pampering and focus on self-care in a year like 2020. One wellness practitioner paving the way is Olivia Ferrari of Olivia Ferrari Wellness, offering massage therapy with revolutionary techniques in Sydney in salon in Rozelle or travelling to your home.

“I describe my massage as a ‘deep tissue with soul’. Combining Ayurvedic principals with Myofascial release, Reiki and reflexology, I draw upon the methods I need depending on the individual and their needs, creating a customised massage in the moment,” Olivia shared. “I see massage as an extension of my meditation and encourage a deep stillness within my clients, as they connect deeply to themselves. Known as a lazy man’s yoga and perfect for active recovery days, this massage has benefits in detox, stress relief, immune boosting, general wellness, sleep and flexibility.”

Olivia has analysed her clients, craft and therapies to smartly combine massage with talk therapy to aid in pain relief, deepening results, as combined with trigger point techniques. Olivia’s techniques are specifically built to offer fast, effective and long-lasting results.

“After studying my clients closely over the past two years I have found the most effective pain relief is combining talk therapy with body work. In order to release pain we must identify the emotion and the memory housing it,” Olivia said. “Since trialling the new technique I am blown away with each individual’s growth in such a short period of time.”

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