The end of the year is marked with soirees, fancy frocks and bubbles, and this year is no different. Building on this feeling, O&M hosted an intimate end of year Glam Suite to allow media, hairdressers and business owners to catch up and glam up. Founder and CEO of O&M Jose Bryce Smith said the idea for the Glam Suite was inspired by the desire to feel glamorous, especially coming out of COVID. 

“I wanted everyone to have a nice shot they could take home with them, because who doesn’t like a nice photo,” she said.

The Toga Display Unit in Surry Hills was transformed into an O&M oasis. It was almost hard to think the unit wasn’t designed with O&M’s aesthetic in mind, with its soft lilac walls and pops of fun Scandi furniture. It was a lovely manifestation of everything O&M stands for; gentle and nourishing haircare that isn’t afraid to be bold.  

“We have always tried to bridge that gap between natural and luxury and clean and glamorous,” Jose said.

Guests were treated to delicious treats supplied by Smile Catering while waiting to get their turn in the makeup chair. A team of O&M stylists and makeup artists spiced up every day looks to become photoshoot ready. The style of the day was effortless loose waves and glowing makeup. The party then moved upstairs, where guests could pick a gown from dress hire company Fashion Alta Moda. Jose loves what founder Tanya Perilli is doing for both women and the environment.

“I have to do so many events, and to be able to hire clothes from her and feel glamorous, and then not feeling like they’re sitting in my wardrobe, and I should be doing something with them. I think Tanya’s taste and collection is perfect,” she said.

Photographer Liz Ham made everyone feel comfortable when it came time to have their moment in front of the camera, although the watermelon margaritas on offer didn’t go astray. She captured the strength and beauty of the women, which is ultimately what Jose wanted to achieve.

“That’s what we wanted to do today. I always love celebrating women. We love men, we can’t live without them, but frankly, women are coming forward more and more. It’s just so nice to see, particularly women in hairdressing. Eighty-five per cent of hairdressers are women, and women are opening businesses at a rate of 44 per cent,” she said. “Women need to support each other, and there are so many statistics of what it would do to the world’s economy if women reached their potential.”

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