From complementing vibrant resort and swimwear to sophisticated, modern styles, Original & Mineral played with cultural, architectural and historical aesthetics to predict the trends of summer at New York Fashion Week. The brand’s Global Creative Director, Janelle Chaplin, led the styling in an impressive runway showcase.

The Czar by Cesar Galindo show was a sublime example of intricate detailing and clashing cultural inspirations. Strong samurai shapes were created with playful Caribbean braids for a show that wasn’t shy with vibrant colours, bold prints and a distinct resort feel.


The Prism show expanded on this sense of summer, with chic swimsuits that played with unique, contemporary designs, featuring bright flashes of pink. The retro 70s inspired hair was a mix of disco and mermaid, imbued with lots of movement that was somewhere between a curl and a crimp. Elegant, high fashion sunglasses finished the trendy beachside look.

Prism 1

Geometric shapes in black, white and grey was the aesthetic for Zoe Jordan, with suit pieces, padded shoulders, worded prints and boxy silhouettes rounding out the modern collection. The hair styling created a boyish biker feel by combining wet and dry textures, creating the effect of the hair being rained on.

Zoe Jordan 3

O&M created a look called Second Day Waves with a School Girl Tuck for the Charles Youssef runway. The fashion was comprised of classic, structured pieces with soft, glowing edges, inspired by recessed lighting in architecture. The hair styling created a similar angular look with softer sides, reminiscent of sections in the Museum of Modern Art and the work of lighting artist James Turrell. With shimmering eyes, a muted, sophisticated colour palette and styling by renowned stylist Kate Foley, the overall look was grungy in its structural features.

Charles Youssef 3

Get the look for Czar:

1. Section hair into a 4 star section and apply equal amounts of O&M Frizzy Logic and O&M Style Guru until hair is saturated.
2. Begin to fishtail plait the 3 back sections making sure their plait is firm and tight.
3. Pull the top section over and smooth down with O&M Style Guru.
4. Fish braid the end of top section and then braid all the ends of each fishtail plait together.
6. Finish the braid by wrapping metallic tap around the end.
7. Spray hair with O&M Original Queenie to finish and set the look.


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