O&M is a brand born from, and entirely centred upon, the concept of sustainable beauty, so it’s no surprise that the O&M.syd salon has been instated as a member of the Sustainable Salons Australia program.

The brand was created when owner and founder Alan Buki discovered the impact of harsh chemicals on his hands when working with toxic hair products 14 years ago. From there OriginalMineral was formed, prizing itself on its range of hydrating, nourishing, style-focused products that replace chemicals with natural extract and active minerals wherever possible. O&M ammonia, expands upon this, offering a resorcinol and PPD-free professional colour line.


“For us, practicing salon-sustainability is part of our culture – the O&M.syd DNA – and I’m honored to be a part of an organization such as Sustainable Salons Australia that works to educate and build awareness on the topic,” Alan shared. “I’m proud to say that 95 per cent of O&M.syd wastage does not go to landfill, and is rather recycled or used in intelligent ways to reduce and ideally prevent environmental damage.”

Qualifying for the organisation entailed the salon looking at every element of wastage and resource usage in full, a test O&M.syd passed with flying colours. For example, hair that hits the salon floor at O&M.syd is swept and bundled up to help in improving The Great Barrier Reef’s ecosystem.

“Hair which is cut off is sent to an organisation where it is combined with other recycled hair, filled into oversized stockings and made into large hair booms,” Alan explained.

Should there be an oil spill the booms are used to protect the precious reef, effectively acting as both a barrier and giant sponge to prevent further contamination of Australia’s increasingly endangered wonder of the world.

All aluminum foil and colour-tint tubes are also recycled with any funds raised sent to Oz Harvest, where one full head of foils equates to two meals for the homeless.

“We also sell great quality human-hair to Variety where it is assessed before being approved for use in making wigs for children, cancer sufferers and anyone in need,” Alan continued.

With this ingenuity and dedication to making a difference, no wonder they’re now a part of this enviable club.

For more information visit originalmineral.com