In just two days, Joey Scandizzo and Andrew and Kylie O’Toole of ELEVEN Australia took one model and created not just eleven separate looks, but eleven different identities for her. Probably lamenting the high number of their name, borne from the eleven hair benefits found in the brand’s debut product, Miracle Hair Treatment, the trio pulled off the impossible, with eleven chic shots achieved for the new campaign.

At first (and even second, or third) glance, it can be hard to tell that each look is created on the same model. The collection is comprised of eleven different ‘girls’, meaning most clients would find at least one to identify with or aspire to. Red carpet glamour, retro 70s, two active girls – one more tousled, the other structured and gelled back, 90s-style straight hair, Kylie’s famous curls, Brigitte Bardot-inspired bombshell and more. Each of these girls is a character, a client you have seen and will see again.

With three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year Joey still in salon several times a week, he, and the brand, have a personal understanding of what clients want. Whether that is a simple up style, glamorous wave or those staple ELEVEN curls, the team delivered on those needs in each look.

Many of the brand’s products, now stocked in over 800 salons Australia and New Zealand wide, were used to create the styles. The Miracle Hair Treatment was the hero product throughout, while the Sea Salt Texture Spray, I Want Body Volume Foam, Keep My Curl Defining Cream, Make Me Shine Spray Gloss and the brand’s other tools were all utilised in creating the right texture, volume and hold.

The brand launched the campaign in Sydney’s trendy Surry Hills on Tuesday. Organic food, lunch boxes and personalised hair prescriptions, courtesy of Joey, were on the agenda as the team described the story for each individual image.

Even the model, Chantelle Price, was in attendance, so we could see and believe that ELEVEN really did take one girl and transform her ten times, in two days.

Crazy, we know – see all eleven looks below.

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Beige Bangs Blue Wave Green Curl Green Up Orange Beach Orange Volume Blue Straight Pink Fishtail Pink Shag Pink Slick Pony Red Slick