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Open Mic Night III

Fittingly, Wild Life Hair’s Open Mic Night III was set in a relaxed, open forum, where creativity, tricky techniques and good humour were allowed to flourish. Collating four insatiable Sydney salon teams, from Wild Life, to Sloans of Lane Cove, Jo Bellamy Hair and Our Place Salon, and handing the mic over to hilarious compare Gary Latham, the evening was never going to be dull.


Hair by Ali Holmes of Wild Life

Held at Wild Life Origins, which has an unrestricted view of Sydney Harbour, the mood was set with drinks overlooking the water. The agenda was set out like a comedy club, with a relaxed feel that encouraged questions from the audience and made the presenters feel comfortable on stage. Wild Life, headed by Ali Holmes with Nephen Pepin and Dave MucCulloch in tow, kicked off the evening with three looks that showed off cut, colour, style and even razor cutting in intricate patterns.


Wild Life Hair

Next Jodie Bellamy presented three diverse hair looks to represent her salon. Telling her story as a long time audience member of Open Mic, Jodie was encouraged to try her hand at presenting despite her nerves, epitomising the very essence of the Open Mic concept. Jo’s inspiration was varied, with the first look demonstrating a flat foiling technique inspired by the vibrant hues of a Jacaranda tree, whilst look two used blonde, yellow and orange hues to represent light reflection in the desert and look three was motivated by pop art.


Jo Bellamy and models

Next Sloans of Lane Cove, with Scott Sloan, Carla Cornista and Jordan Hone, showed off three looks that ranged from what Scott described as “creative commercial hair”, in a classic short precision haircut, to multidirectional, inside out braids, made to pop on camera.


Sloans of Lane Cove with models

The program was finished by Our Place Salon, where Clive Allwright took the mic to raucous approval, joined by super stylists Natalie Hole and Gemma Taylor. Always conceptual, Clive likened a pulled out fishtail braid look, created by Natalie, to Narnia, with the sleek front styling representing the door, and the wild, intricate layers of the braid signifying the wonders behind the wardrobe.


Clive Allwright

To end the evening, Ali, Jo, Scott and Clive sat down with Gary for a panel discussion that was built on audience participation, with the lucky stylists in the crowd able to pick the creative minds of some of Sydney’s very best.


Gary Latham

We’ve come to expect a fair few things from Open Mic Night, and with an artistic showcase that prioritised education, sparked the imagination and was punctuated with laughter all evening, Wild Life’s third instalment didn’t disappoint. Who knows? You may be up next.


Hair by Natalie Hole from Our Place Salon

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