Ecologically driven distribution company, Orb Distribution, is making quite a difference to the way Aussie salons protect the environment.

Easydry salons saved more than six million litres of water between them in 2014 alone, by using the clever Easydry disposable towels instead of their old-fashion cottoned counterparts. In addition, Refoil, another Orb Distribution brand, saved over 2.6 million litres of water and 160 000 kilowatts of energy, through the innovative recycled foils.

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Top water-saving salons for Easydry included Wildlife Hair, Woohoo Salon, Oscar Oscar, Axis Hairdressing, Togninis, eSalon, Zucci, Suki Hairdressing, é SALON and Murphy Gozzard. Chumba Concept Salon and Circle of Subiaco headed the list for Refoil, saving 42 000 litres of water and 2500 kilowatts of energy between them, a combined saving of over 7200kg of greenhouse benefits. Using recycled foil saves 97% of the water used in refineries to process ore into alumina, calculating a saving of 233 litres of water for every kilogram of aluminium.

“People across Australia know only too well that we cannot afford to squander our precious water resources,” said Orb General Manager Gavin Hinton. “I’d like to thank each and every one of the salons that chose Easydry and Refoil and helped make 2014 the best water and energy-saving year yet for Orb brands.”

In addition to these thanks, Orb Distribution has sent a certificate to each of its salons, detailing how much water and energy they individually saved in choosing these sustainable products. These certificates are designed to be displayed in the salon, demonstrating to clients just how important these environmental causes are to them.

Thanks to Orb and its salons, the Australian hairdressing industry’s carbon foot is leaving a smaller and smaller print.

That certainly merits some recognition.

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