Somehow 2021 is almost over and we are looking ahead to 2022, which means ordering an essential salon specific diary that will organise your life through the next year. The inaugural 2021 edition sold out in 24 hours, and the renowned organiser is back for the following year.

The diary is a collaboration between Mia De Vries of The Secret Fox/The Fox & The Hair and Hayley Mears from Six Underground Media and includes over 220 pages of tools, resources and calendar prompts to guide hairdressers and salon owners through the year while keeping them on track with their schedule and sticking with their goals.

Features include a monthly list of holidays and events, social media tips, tricks and concepts, admin schedules, cleaning lists, turnover forecasts, savings trackers, retail goals and salon shopping lists. It also includes detailed meeting planners where you can record details and itemise talking points, along with content and project planners, and guides for every part of the hair industry, from photo shoots to renovations and launch parties.

Additional features include industry dates, monthly reminders, affirmations and gratitude lists, education templates, action steps, goal planners, checklists, campaign concepts, travel itineraries, branding breakdowns and so much more. It’s a comprehensive 2022 salon cheat sheet, made completely for the industry and covering education, marketing, business, mental health and more.

Pre-order now for some tantalising bonuses, such an additional e-book version, through which you can re-print your favourite sheets, as well as additional and personalised social media content for the festive season.

The back cover of the diary can also be customised with a sheet of stickers included, allowing you to get creative and make your 2022 bible uniquely your own.

Run head first into what will be a great 2022 with this salon diary and never look back.

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