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Ozdare’s Co-Lab 2014 Presented the Best In Education

As a shining beacon to Australia’s hair care education industry, Ozdare’s Co-Lab 2014 gathered the best education brands to show just how far the industry has come. With international and Australian acts inspired by retro, avant-garde and street trends around the world, Ozdare presented an impressive showcase of talent during three shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

CO-LAB14 group shot

Co-Lab assembled an array of acts to promote Ozdare’s education schedule

The line-up began with our own home grown talent. ELEVEN Australia’s Co-Creative Director’s Joey Scandizzo and Andrew O’Toole did Australia proud by showcasing a progressive look that drew upon exciting Australian events like White Night and Vivid. The duo employed light, projection, music and photographic effects to create a futuristic hair trend that was bold and original.

Joey and Andrew

Andrew O’Toole and Joey Scandizzo from ELEVEN played with light and shape

The next act was sent straight from Spain, with Revlon Professional’s edgy X-presion team showing why they’re internationally renowned in the world of avant-garde styling. Marc Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cancer and Jose Luis Almendral utilised colour, cuts and styling to create distinct looks that had stylists inspired to include elements in their own salon styles.


X-presion showed off international avant-garde

The Independent Collection by American Crew aimed to prove that men’s styles can still be exciting, with Paul Hanson and Craig Wilson using retro styles to bring back the comb over and the feather. The strong editorial aesthetic may have drawn from previous decades, but proved perfectly on trend.

American Crew

American Crew demonstrated male styling

KEVIN.MURPHY finished the proceedings with his current campaign. The industry expert played around with shorter lengths, adding new twists to classic styles to make them fresh and innovative. The result was glamorous and varied looks that showed off his styling expertise.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy made retro styles relevant

The four acts combined to have the audience thinking about new trends and Ozdare’s education schedule. With such a vast array of approaches and talent, there was something for everyone.

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