Parasomnia, by Nadia Semanic of Chi Hair Skin Body in Adelaide, South Australia, is made to disarm you. Bright, bold and colourful, the styling references images, textures and shapes that remind you of a carnival or a garden, becoming almost familiar until it turns this on its head.

Set on a florescent blue backdrop, the fashion encompasses bold red and blue hues, sparkly sequins and other costume-like pieces in its bold aesthetic. Painted pink lips and almost ghostly-white skin subverts these stronger tones, allowing the collection to become more sinister in its colour pallet than you would initially believe.

The hair styling favours top heavy shapes. Wispy whites recall the texture and aura of fairy floss, while other materials are used to create floral and animalistic looks, with one style alluding to the image of a tree trunk and another opting for a wreath of roses. The shapes switch between 70’s style retro and progressively futuristic, utilising different textures, layers, shades and materials to remain entirely original.

Recalling familiar images that could be seen in your front garden, but darkening these images pictures until they become strange, Semanic plays with shape, texture and the absurd to present avant-garde at its finest.



Hair: Nadia Semanic
Salon: Chi Hair Skin Body
Photographer: David Mannah
Make-up: Becca Gilmartin
Stylist: Emma Cotterill

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