More and more is being announced in the lead-up to Hair Festival, taking place at Sydney’s Carriageworks over the June long weekend. As well as speakers starting to be named in the dynamic Real Talk education event, Hair Festival is also debuting some important partnerships, such as their collaboration with significant environmental group Sustainable Salons.

We sat down with the group’s owner and director, Paul Frasca, to discuss what’s on for the long weekend, their plans for 2021 more broadly and why Hair Festival is important to Sustainable Salons and the industry at large.

Paul Frasca at Beauty and Spa Insiders

Why is Hair Festival important to the hair industry?

Hair Festival is so important for the industry because it’s a stepping stone for a first generation of hairdressers to come into the industry and realise what the whole industry is about, where the products, manufacturers and education are and how it all gets put together. From there, even if you’re an experienced hairdresser, you can be up to date on everything that’s about to happen in that year, it’s so important. And on top of that it’s fun! We have parties, we all go out, and who can forget the Australian Hair Industry Awards?

Why did Sustainable Salons decide to partner with Hair Festival?

We at Sustainable Salons decided to partner with Hair Festival because Hair Festival is the biggest event of the year supporting such diverse education and product education across the whole hairdressing industry. We’re super excited because the industry is moving more and more towards sustainability and we at Sustainable Salons realised we can play a key role in helping people like Hair Festival understand just how important this is and just how much we can drive it right through the industry as if it was just an everyday product.


What will Sustainable Salons be doing at Hair Festival?

A whole range of things! You’ll be seeing recycling bins at exhibitor stands, our own stand and across the floor. We’ll be doing talking events, talking about the importance of sustainability not so much just for recycling but also for the wider picture, what it’s doing for businesses and how it can actually change your game, whether you’re a hair salon or even a company. So we’re going to be doing as much as possible to educate you guys on the future of sustainability.

What will you (Paul) be doing at Hair Festival?

You can be assured I’ll be on a few speaking events, such as at Real Talk. I’ll be one of the panel speakers talking about all the specifics in recycling and answering questions. Then we’re also putting on our own event, where at Sustainable Salons I’ll be of course one of the speakers. I’m going to be talking about the wider picture of sustainability and the future of where it’s going, so not just about recycling, about people and profit.

What else does Sustainable Salons have in the pipeline for 2021?

At Sustainable Salons we have so much in the pipeline for 2021. We’re looking to expand our services into more and more areas outside of the cities. So, if you’re out there, we’re coming! And you can expect us to be doing lots of cool things, especially when it comes to closed loop products. We’re turning plastic into products, such as dog leashes, coasters and glasses. We just want to get more and more into this space to show you that your waste isn’t waste – it’s actually the future of our products!

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