Paul Mitchell sat backstage on February 13th, styling for edgy rock label Mark and Estel at New York Fashion Week. The look created by lead Paul Mitchell stylist Ashley Simon was windswept and tousled, with chic and subtle curls created to complement a rich collection of bold reds, sleek blacks and purples, sheer lace and punk accessories.


The natural looking waves were made to look lived in, purposefully echoing the collection’s cool, high end rocker vibe and, as a bonus, becoming easily translatable to the salon. Bold eyes paired with soft pink lips and fresh skin finish the look.


Get the Look:

1. Spray Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray to the crown of the head to create volume.
2. Spray Dry Wash Waterless Shampoo throughout the lengths of the hair and then blow dry your strands, using your fingertips to create volume and bring out your natural texture.

3. Create a center part and apply Hot Off The Press thermal protection spray.
4. Separate hair into two sections and pin the top portion up and away. Begin curling the bottom sections using the Neuro Unclipped Styling Cone. Be sure to leave the last half inch of the hair out to give the curls a natural look.

5. As you create the curls, pin them in place off the scalp and allow the hair to cool to completely.
6. Once cooled, release the hair and gently backcomb each curl using a teasing brush.
7. Gently loosen the curls with your fingers and spray a product cocktail of Spray Wax and Worked Up to create bendable texture and shine.
8. Gently tap the ends of the hair using Neuro Smooth to deliver the final heat touch and create a lived-in, windswept look.
9. Finish with Hold Me Tight and Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray.

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