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Paul Mitchell Travels Australia for Signature Series Events Launch

Industry leaders gathered at three separate events held around Australia for the launch of the Paul Mitchell Signature Series events. These events celebrate industry innovation and business potential, with networking and leadership as primary focuses – and we’re intrigued to see how the important initiative can grow from here.

The events – held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne over three days – highlighted business strategies, industry insights, social media, new products and education, as well as projecting and sharing what’s to come for Paul Mitchell 2017.

The events were each hosted at the Art Series Hotels (The Olsen in Melbourne and The Johnson in Brisbane, as well as the QT in Sydney), chosen for their creative energies. Artworks by celebrated Australian artist John Olsen and abstract Australian artist Michael Johnson were incorporated into the first two events, while the QT Hotel gave the event a historic backdrop presenting to the group in the Screening Room, one of Australia’s first newsreel cinemas.

In addition to receiving business insights vital to salons in 2017, attendees also enjoyed lunch and the networking opportunity as a whole, with the ability to share experiences and insights in the current industry within the extended Paul Mitchell family. Look out for more industry focused events later in the year.

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Images from Paul Mitchell Signature Series event Melbourne

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