Being a hairdresser in the 21st Century means being totally tapped into social media (or at least that’s how you can explain to your employer why you’re scrolling through Instagram in the salon) to keep up to date with all the weird and wonderful trends the Internet comes up with on a very regular basis.

Whether this latest trend falls into the category of ‘weird’ or ‘wonderful’ (or both or neither) is totally up to you, but you can welcome Peanut Butter and Jelly Hair (or PB & J Hair) to the lexicon. Yes, it’s very America-centric but, really, what isn’t?

The term was coined by Maryland stylist and colourist Megan Chipani, sanctioning a colour trend built around bright berry and purple hues with caramel balayage highlights.

The look allows clients to wear pops of bright colours, without having to adopt the rainbow look in its entirety, softening the bright hues with more neutral tones. The PB & J reference was the obvious and most delicious aesthetic inspiration and visual context she could use to share the look with other hairdressers.

Megan shared the look and concept on her Instagram page to over 30,000 followers this week, and since then it has been picked up globally by publications such as Pedestrian TV, POPSUGAR, Metro and the aforementioned Allure – meaning, it’ officially a thing.

So what’s your verdict on the look, hairdressers? Love? Loathe? And why am I so hungry all of a sudden?

Never change, Instagram.