Australian salons will now be able to offer clients the very best in pedicures with the introduction of the Pedicure Drill Machine from Marvellous Feet. Incredibly popular in Europe, this machine is set to transform the Australian beauty industry, writes Ruth Cooper.

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New Pedicure Drill Machine from Marvellous Feet

Founder of Marvellous Feet, Maria Friesen, completed beauty training in Germany before moving to Australia. When Maria arrived here, she was surprised to see that salons were still using foot files, and decided the Australian market needed to know about the Pedicure Drill Machine.

Described as ‘revolutionary,’ this machine will do all the hard work for you, resulting in a reduction in labour costs, increased productivity and revenue, and most importantly, the best treatment for your clients.

Heel-Crack before and after

The Pedicure Drill Machine can be used to treat calluses on heels, corns, rough and cracked skin, and other foot problems that can’t be removed using a foot file alone. It is also the most hygienic method of doing a pedicure and is perfect for time-poor clients as it is quicker than a manual foot file.

Maria hopes that in the near future all salons in Australia will make the switch from the labour intensive foot file to the European choice for pedicures.

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