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Piloroo and Excellent Edges Host Hair Affair Event

Compared to Uber and Air BnB, but translated for the hair education industry, Piloroo is a unique platform spearheaded by innovation and emboldened by the millennial generation. At their Hair Affair event held on Monday night, these themes were in full force, with a unique education installation format showcasing their ingenuity. Meanwhile the guests were constantly live streaming, sharing and uploading the content in front of them in real time, proving Piloroo is truly a brand for the digital age.

Piloroo joined forced for the evening with illustrious scissors brand Excellent Edges, creating an interactive education format where six legendary educators created cut, colour, barbering and style looks in an intimate, diverse environment. Set out as installations at Glebe’s Toxeth Hotel, the educators created the looks, answered questions and spoke to compere (and brand co-founder) Clive Allwright throughout the evening. At the same time, guests could network and chat, with a snack and drink in hand, allowing attendees to approach the evening in their own way.

The artists in question were Kobi Bokshish of Intershape, Dave Edwards of Stevie English Hair, Kelly Grant of Our Place Salon, James Akers of People Hairdressing, Jake Putan of Mister Chop Shop and Stevie English, also of Stevie English Hairdressing, who all shared their various skills with almost 100 guests. Clive also kept the audience laughing throughout the night, while also stressing the brand’s key goal to change the shape of the hair education industry through technology.

Kobi Bokshish

The online platform works to benefit both the salon and the educator, hosting profiles of educators on site where they can be booked for specialty classes by salons. The platform takes care of the scheduling as provided by the educators, the negotiation and the invoicing, allowing educators to focus on their work, and offering salons booking efficiency. It also gives these educators exposure, connecting them to willing students.

“Piloroo removes the negotiation and invoicing issues that every educator faces,” Clive explained. “I can now highlight my availability to the industry, share my rates in a transparent way that removes the haggling and negotiations and get paid when the job is done. I don’t have to spend weeks or months chasing the money, And it’s all with just a couple of clicks on the site.”

Dave Edwards

The platform continues to innovate, notably with the ‘Higher an Assistant’ feature, filling a gap that salons often require, and giving emerging hairdressers opportunities.

“Not all salons require an apprentice, but having someone on hand to tidy up, shampoo and take off a colour really eases the pressure for a stylist on busy day,” Kelly Grant said. “By using Piloroo you can book a salon assistant for a day or an evening and ensure your day will run smoothly.”

Steve Allwright

Understandably, Piloroo now hosts over 100 educators nationally, spreading education throughout the country in a convenient way. They are celebrating this achievement by offering a $100 booking bonus for any educator or assistant booked for a job valued at $400, which is available for the next 100 bookings.

If you’re an educator without a profile, you’re missing out on the opportunities that new technology and this generation allows for. As for salons, you know where you can find your next inspiring session.

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