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Pivot Point and Sharon Blain Collaborate On New Long Hair Styling Book

Acclaimed hairdressing educational system Pivot Point, and acclaimed hairdressing educator Sharon Blain have united in the pursuit of teaching perfect long hair. The Salonability Long Hair book focuses on the development of commercial long hair styling, showcasing a varied collection of looks set to expand the reader’s repertoire.


The comprehensive program includes the book, two multi-lingual DVDs with 12 hands-on videos, the Style Selector look book used to show clients every look, design decision charts, education support material, lesson plans, rubrics, marketing templates, certificate files and other necessary tools. A feature function is The Notetaker, which includes 12 salon-relevant step-by-step technical photos and an Educational Concepts section, and has been fully designed as a note-taking tool.


These 12 long hair styles are made to showcase the artistry of hairdressing, and will be a viable weapon for any hairdresser looking to expand upon their salon techniques, and from there, their client base. Sharon brings over 4 decades of experience into the project, where her talent for both education and long hair has seen her be duly awarded over the years.


She includes tips that range from prepping the hair, to finishing it, focusing on techniques including braiding, back-combing, pinning, roller sets, heat styling, threading the hair, and more. With these valuable assets, the book looks like a promising read for educators, students and stylists alike.

To purchase the publication visit or call 1800 066 298

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