2020 gave men a chance to let their hair and beards grow untamed, with isolation allowing them to pay little attention to style and trends, but, thankfully, 2021 is looking like a return to the best of men’s style.

With that in mind, renowned hair educator and award-winning Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Jules Tognini, in collbration with Bulldog Skincare, is predicting the top men’s hair trends in grooming and shaving for the year to come. Building off recent survey stats that show almost half of male responders were planning to experiment with a new style soon, it’s time to make 2021 the year of the beard.

So, what grooming trends does 2021 have in store?

1. Tidier beards

Lockdown beards will stick around but be tamed, with 58 per cent of men surveyed saying their planning on grooming and tidying their iso beard a little more (and we’re grateful for that). 

2. Moustaches are in

Mo-vember is a couple of months in the past but is still having it’s mo-ment (sorry). One in ten men surveyed are interested in trying a moustache early in this year, and we’re here for the experimentation.

3. Skincare focus

Along with facial hair grooming, men will be elevating their focus on skincare, with 19 per cent of responders looking to reboot their skincare regime and use more male grooming products, such as moisturiser and face wash, daily.

We’re optimistic for 2021, so here’s to more time spent together, brighter days and beards groomed in the best way possible.